English simple word 'some' P-i (KG-03)




How to use:

There is,

 There are, 

Some & Any

(Part - i)

The dialog between

Anne & Peter

 P. Hello, Anne! Where are the

      office supplies?

A. The computer supplies, Over there.

     There are some folders, pencils, pens, etc...

      are here. I also have two chairs.

P.   Okey, So,

      Do you say you have all of 

      the office supplies?

          I guess you have to need a fax machine.

 A.  No, not really...

     There isn't a fax machine.

     There aren't all the program

      I need it on my computer. 

P.   Where is the coffee machine?

 A.    I'm afraid there isn't one on here.

     There is a kitchen on the other

      side of the house.

     We can have some coffee there.

P.   Good idea!


Now let us look at the language

that Anne used:

She used 'there is a ..................,'

and there are some ....................

Let me explain that to you.

If you have a single object,

for example, glass, hat, computer, radio, etc...

There is a glass on the table.

There is a hat on the table.

There is a computer on the table.

There is a radio on the cupboard.

There is a car in the garage.

There is an aircraft in the sky.

The structure:

{There is + (a /an ) + single object}

Negative form:

{There isn't a coffee machine in the room.}

මේ අනුව සංඛ්‍යාව එකක් වන විට දී 

"There is" යන්න ගනු ලැබේ.('තිබෙයි' යන අරුත දෙයි)

Now that change when we have more than

one object:


  There are some pens on the table.

  There are some books on the table.

  There are some CDs on the table.


There are +( some / more than one) + plural object

There are some office supplies in the office.

There are some pens and pencils in the box.

There are two chairs in Anne's office,

and four pictures in her studio.

You can see the above facts again:

Singular objects:

Examples: 'There is'

There's a computer in Anne's office.

There isn't a fax machine

( that's the negative)

There's a table in the studio,

and there isn't a coffee machine which

Peter can't believe it.

 Now look at the plural form:

The quantity of:

more than one means:

Some or Amount(quentity):

We say, there are some office

supplies in the office,

and there are some pens and pencils.

And we also use that form

for the number of plural objects:


There are two chairs in Anne's office,

and there are four pictures in her studio.

Alright! So, that's end instructions to

'there is' and 'there are some'

now in the next lesson, we are going to

'Look at the difference between 

'some' and 'any' which is very important

so learn for that next episode and come back

{come back:(vt)ඉදිරියට එනවා, නැවත සිහි වෙනවා

  episode: (Aes)උපාඛ්‍යානය

     (n) සිද්ධිය, ආඛ්‍යානය,කථාංගනය, අතුරුකථාව }

here and we'll work on it, alright!

see you later Bye!

 God Bless! May the Triple Gem! Bless you, Regards!


ගුණපාල කුමාරසිංහආරච්චිගේ (KG- 03) 













ලිපිය නිර්මාණය කලේ,
කුමාරසිංහආරච්චිගේ ගුණපාල


අදාල තවත් ලිපි,

අනෙකුත් ලිපි