Affixes - 11-වසර ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාව


Affixes are the words or letters that added to the beggining or ending of the word. By using affixes, we can make various word classes. There are two types of affixes. They are

  1. prefixes
  2. suffixes

Prefixes are the letters or words that added to the beggining of a words. By using prefixes, we can make oppsite or verb formations of a word.

Study the following prefixes.

un - unhappy, unaware
dis - disable, disappear,discharge
mis - misunderstand,
non - non-governmental, non-toxic, non-party
en - enable, endanger, enrich
il - illegal,illhealth, illliteracy
in -inability, inaction, inccuracy, independant
anti - antibiotics, antivirus,anti-aircraft
multi - multi national, multi media, multi colour
extra - extra curricular, extraordinary
ex - external, exchange, exclude
bi - bilingual,bicolour, bicameral,bianual
pre - prehistorical, prebiotics, pre-date
ir - irregular, irresponding


suffixes are the words or letters that added to the ending of a word. By using suffixes, we can form verbs, nouns and adjectives. There are lot of suffixes in english language.

eer - engineer, profiteer, volunteer

er - helper, carpenter,teacher

ion - celebration, openion, function, irrigation

ity - probability, ability, publicity

ment - government, payment

ness - illness, fitness

sion - decision, depression, expression

ship - friend ship, parner ship, scholar ship

th - strength, depth, wrmth