A visi to the past - සාමාන්‍යපෙළ ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාව

A visi to the past

                                                             A visi to the past

the time was 7.30 in the moring. The students walked to the house where the first pupil of the school lived. The students had enjoyed the walk. They had a most enjoyable breakfast. Their host had prepared a lovely breakfast. He had boiled manioc,sweet potatoes,varieties of yam and breadfruit. Everything was from his garden.the manioc was fresh,pulled out the previous day. So were the other yams and the sweet potatoes. the breadfruit was really fine. There were two types of katta sambal, the normal one with red chillies a nd another with kochchi. There was scraped coconut. He had also cooked some red rice and made a delicious white coconut gravy for it. The coffee was home made.they sipped the coffee, sitting out in the verandah, looking at the coffee trees in bloom. The white floweres filled the air with the fragrance the twigs were lined with the red berries. the coffee   was followed by two large combs of bananas, once again from the garden.

                                            It was a visit that will not be forgotten. The students had wanted to know what the country was like seventy years ago. They learnt by exp erience what it must have been. Then the host brought out his album. It had photographs of the school his friends, his pets and some of the events and the scenes of the time. They were beautiful. The students were surprised to  see them in such a good condition. Why don’t we organize  photographs exhibition? Asked wasantha. every body agreed. It was a good idea. They decided to write to past pupils of the school asking for photographs.




The walk gave the class another idea. The students wanted to arrange a Cycling trip. Not every body had a cycle however. So, they dicussd  the matter and came up with an idea. They decided to borrow bicycles from those who had. Then they would fix a fee for the hire of the cycle. They also decided to ask for contributions, for food. They had many things to do draft a letter of request asking for bicycles decide on hiring charges, write to some caterers list the things they did in preparation for the cycling trip asking for contributions regarding food and decide on the instructions for delivering and handing over the cycles. First of all they needed a letter of introduction from the school. Which they could take to various places and persons asking for patronage.  



  1. How will the others ahead of  you know about it?
  2. Will the others continue the trip?
  3. What could be done about the puncture?
  4. How long may it take to patch a puncture?
  5. Where and how is it done?