essay - සාමාන්‍යපෙළ ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාව



01."should women go out to work"

              In the modern world. women are playing an important role in the society. They take the leading possition in every field in the society. Today most of the women go out to work work. As they are educated enough to understand prevailing social issues they tend to engage in an employment which helps to uplift their economy and positive social background. However this situation has given rise to many social, economic and cultural issues. There are advntages and disadvaantages of this situation which is to be considered in a broader level.

As the cost of living has gone high up to the sky level, a family is unable to depend on one income. Realising this situation, women come forward to fill the gap offering an additional income to the family. In taday's society, women get good educational in every fieldd and this situation makes them skilful and clever in many fields. As a result, women are professionally ualisied and this gives them more opportunities to engage in employments. On the other hand, if they don't have this kind of opportunities  it whould be wastage of human resources, And a country will lose their contribution towards the development of the society, economic and cultural aspects.

How ever women's empolyment makes many problems in the home affairs.When they go out to work, they havee to neglect the home affairs which must be under their concer. for example neglecting children is one of the main problems that has been appeared. Without mother's love and affection children's mental condition may vary negatively. Tthis condition leads up to increase the emotional and physical problems in them. Not only that but women's employment leads to broken families too which bandly  affect to the social conditions in a country. This also happens because of negligence of a their home affais.

It is true that an additional income helps aa family to a certain extent. But connsidering the negative effects of it, it iss better to be at home engaging in ddometic affairs contributting her children, society and finally iy is stessed that the woman can contribute much to the whole world tthan doinng a job.

02.My Hobby 

There are so many acttivities I like to do.  Of those my favourite iss writing poems. This often occupies my mind and thoughts. It persuaddes me to organize my scaattered feeelings. for me writing is really interesting and innocent. It ddoes no bad. Also enhances my creativity. when ever I feel dull and boring, I used to settle down somewhere with a scap off paper and a pen. Isolation is an ideal breeding ground for me to jot down something I feel. Whether it is painful or joyful I keep on jotting down. This continual smooth flow of words sometimes takes a beautiful shapes of a verse or two and emerges as a poem . This gives me an endless fascination throughout my life .


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