The importance of learning English essay - 10-වසර ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාව

The importance of learning English essay

As you know, english is the most widely used language in the world .Nearly two third of the world population use English language .In countries like England,Australia, The U.S.A, and Canada ,it is the mother tongue.In many common wealth countries like Sri lanka,India and Malayasia ,it is the second language.


English is important not only as an international language but also as a link language ,as a language of everyday life and as a second language."English can be regarded as the window to the world." This idea was expressed by the first prime minister of India,Jawaharlal Neru.


Today the world is highly advanced in science and technology.Almost all the books on these subjects are written in English.If we know English, we can read these books and understand the facts of these books. Today the world has become a global village with new methods of communication such as Internet, E-mail, Fax and Telegram e.t.c. English is the main language that is used in all these media. If you know english ,you can use these madia.


Not  only that English is essential for our higher studies too. English language is essential for the courses  on medicine and engineering.Most of the books on these subjects are written in English. If you want to enter the universities  in science and engineering sections ,you should improve your English knowledge.


When we consider above facts .we can  realize the importance  of learning English.  So we should improve our English knowledge .