Grade - 7 Simple Present tense - 7-වසර ඉංග්‍රීසි භාෂාව

Grade - 7 Simple Present tense

Simple Present tense

1.we used simple present tense to express a habitual action or an action that is done regulary.

       eg: He smokes.

            I go to school every day.

2.we used simple present tense where we mention about genaral truth.

       eg: The sun rises in the east.

            The earth moves around the sun.

3.We used simple present tense for a planned future event.

        eg: We go to jaffna next week.

             She comes to school next monday.

4.In news paper headlines we used simple present tense.

       eg: The president leaves to india.

             Price of rice goes up.


  Subject + Verb + The vest