English words 'Some' and 'any' P-iii (KG-06)




How to use: 

Some & Any

(Part - iii)

The ingredients to make a lemon cake:

The General summary of ingredients:

countable and uncountable objects:

Let's look at the General Summary:

'Some' and 'Any'

Countable objects + plural verbs 

Positive cases:

1. There are some lemons in the basket.

2. There are some CDs on the table.

3. There are some eggs on the egg rack.

Negative cases:

there aren't any...

We use any for the negative:

1. 'there aren't any cigarettes in the packets.

2. 'there aren't any biscuits on the table.

3. 'there isn't any magazine on the rack.

Alright! Now questions:

Here again, we use 'any' in the negative

and 'any' in the questions.

1. So, 'are there 'any' glasses on the table'?

2. 'are there 'any' books on the table?'

3. 'are there 'any' pens on the desk?'

{Alright! So 'some' in the positive,

'any' in the negative

and the question form.}


Now let's move on to

uncountable objects

these are here,

the examples are:

' there is' singular verb.

'some sugar on the table'

'There is some flour on the table'

'there is some water on the table'

Ok! Negative, again we use 'any'

We say 'there isn't any bread

on the table'

'there isn't any 'wine'

 (a liquid on the table)

 'there isn't any chocolate

  on the table' 



again with the

singular verb and 'any'

  'is there any money on the table'

  'is there any pasta?'

   Unfortunately not... and

   'is there any beer?' Ok.

Now I want to add one more thing

to this lesson.

And it's the words

'this' 'that' 'these' 'those'

Let me explain:

With one object you say 'this CD'

But when it's distant from you far away,

You say 'that CD', 'this', that' alright?

We hear 'this' very often.

Let me take two, plural.

Now we say 'these CDs'

When they're far from you

we say 'those CDs' Okey!

So 'these', 'those'

One 'this', 'that

Let's see again:

So, this book...

plural: these books...

When they're close to you and

that chair for example 

'those chairs',

(When they're distant from you.)

There's a lot to remember,

that's a big lesson.

So we have learned

'Some' and 'Any',

'Countable' and 'Uncountable'.

This, That, These, Those.

So you have to lot to do at home

to study there.

Anyway, no problem because you're

a great student.

So we'll meet next again very soon,

for some more English, take care!

Bye for now!

Meanings for some words:


(noun) :

1. total: 

    The count revealed that 10

     mangoes were missing

     from the basket.   

2. numbering:

      On the count of three,

       you will start the race.



count, counts, counted, counting.     

1. to find the total number of; 

    add up:

              I counted the pages in the book.

2. include

     There are four large trees in the garden,

      not counting the palm tree.

3. be of value:

       It is not winning the game that counts,

       but taking parts.

That's all. I have just finished the third part

of this valuable lesson.

   Okey! God Bless!

" May The Triple Gem, Bless You, Regards!


ගුණපාල කුමාරසිංහආරච්චිගේ (KG-06) 













ලිපිය නිර්මාණය කලේ,
කුමාරසිංහආරච්චිගේ ගුණපාල


අදාල තවත් ලිපි,

අනෙකුත් ලිපි