Application Development - 11-වසර තොරතුරු හා සන්නිවේදන තාක්ෂණය

Application Development

Application Development 

It’s a process of developing software for a particular business requirement. To Develop a system there will be a step-by-step process called system development life circle (SDLC).


System Development Life Circle  

What is system analyzing?

It is the process of collecting and interpreting facts, identifying the problems, and decomposition of a system into its components.


Type of Analyst

  1. System analyst – Focus on Issues
  2. Business analyst – Focus on the business issues
  3. Requirement analyst – Focus on the requirement of the new system.
  4. Infrastructure analyst – Focus on the technical issues and technical infrastructure such as hardware, software, network & databases.
  5. Change management analyst – Focus on the people and the management issues surrounding the system installation.
  6. Project Manager – The whole system development will be managed.


Phases in SDLC 

  1. Preliminary Study
  2. Feasibility Study
  3. System Analysis
  4. System design
  5. Coding
  6. Testing
  7. Implementation
  8. Maintenance


  1. Preliminary Study

The preliminary study gives us a perfect picture of what actually the physical system is. The outcome of this phase is a system proposal including problem definition, background analysis, and alternative findings.


  1. Feasibility Test

After the preliminary stage, the management should accept the proposal, and then a feasibility study with a cost-benefit analysis report and solve the problems and achieve the scope will be included. There are four main components of a feasibility study.

  • Technical feasibility – It plans to design and develop feasibility
  • Organizational feasibility – The operations and the organizational factors.
  • Economic Feasibility – It identifies the cost and benefits associated with the system. It includes staff, hardware, software & formal, and informal user training.
  • Schedule feasibility – It estimates how long the system will take the develop.


  1. System Analysis

It defines who will use the system, what it will do, and when it will be used. This is the last stage of analysis, system concepts and methodologies will be included.  


  1. System Design

The system will operate interns of hardware, software, and network infrastructures. Forms, Reports, and databases, will be designed & design strategy will determine, and also GUI (Graphical user interfaces) will be designed in the 4th stage.   


  1. Implementation / coding

Coding or development of the given design coding will start in this phase. This is the longest & the most expensive phase of SDLC. Following three steps of coding 

  • System construction
  • System Installation / Upgrade
  • Establish the Support plan


  1. Testing

It checks whether the system is working properly. There are two forms of testing.

  • Program testing
  • System testing

Program testing means testing the system by using accurate test data. System testing divides into 4 categories.

  • Unit testing – test the smallest program units
  • Integrated testing – Test the logical unit such as conditions calculation, etc.
  • System testing – Test the total system
  • Acceptance testing – test the requirements are satisfied.