Grammar 1

                                                 Simple Present Tense

(A) Here are some example of be in the Present Simple:

1 This is my brother. He is ten years old.

2 I am a student. These are my books.

3 They  are not at home. They are at the theatre.

4 I am American. I am from Chicago.

5 My father is a doctor and my mother is a journalist.

(B) We from the Present Simple of be like this:


                  Full Form                      Shot Form

Singular    I am                               I’m

                You are                          You’re

                He is                              He’s

                She is                            She’s

                It is                               It’s

Plural       We are                           We’re

               You are                           You’re

               They are                         They’re


                    Full Form                       Shot Form

Singular       I am not                         I’m not

                   You are not                     You aren’t       or       You’re not

                   He is not                         He isn’t           or       He’s not

                   She is not                        She isn’t         or       She’s not

                   It is not                           It isn’t             or      It’s  not

Plural           We are not                      We aren’t         or      We’re  not

                   You are not                      You aren’t        or      You’re not

                   They are not                    They aren’t       or      They’re not

(C) In speech, we usually use the shot form;

She’s my sister.

He’s my brother.

I’m  from Italy.

They’re German.

You’re go to the trip.

Those people aren’t English. They’re Australian.

(D) We use be

* To say who we are;

  • I’m joseph and this is my friend Bill. We’re from America.
  • I’m a Janet and these are my sisters. This is Sandra and this is Patricia.
  • Sandra and Patricia are doctors.
  • John is afraid of dog.

* To talk about the weather;

  • It’s cold today.
  • It’s a beautiful today.
  • It’s usually hot here. 
  • It isn’t very warm today.
  • I’m cold. Can you close the window please?
  • It’s sunny today but it isn’t warm.

* To talk about the time;

  • It’s a ten o’clock.
  • It’s a half past hour.
  • It’s a ten a clock .You’re late again.

* To talk about places;

  • Milan is in the north of Italy.
  • John and Mary are in Yorkshire.

* To  talk about people’s ages;

  • My sister is six years old.
  • I'm thrity two years old. My sister is twenty nine. 

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