Internet and E-mail (English) 03 - සාමාන්‍යපෙළ තොරතුරු හා සන්නිවේදන තාක්ෂණය

Internet and E-mail (English) 03

What Is The Internet?

In a nutshell the Internet is a worldwide network of computers connected   together. They are linked up by a high –speed system and deliver information to your home though telephone lines, by cable or satellite.


By having a connection to the Internet you can access information on other computer throughout the world. One of its most popular applications is electronic mail (e-mail) ,  where people anywhere can send ,messages.  In effect, it’s like chatting on the phone, but your PC does the talking. You don't have to worry about how any material is passed around - the Internet will take care of the distribution.


And what a wealth of material there is. Need the latest soap update? Or business news? Or want to look at a picture of the Earth from space? The Internet provides a huge database of information and entertainment right at your fingertips. Most of the really interesting stuff is on the part called the World Wide Web (the Web).


However, the Internet is not within everyone's reach just yet and in most respects it is still in its infancy. More and more features are being added daily. But you never know - it might even become as popular as television some day.


•The Internet is a worldwide collection of computer networks, cooperating with each other to exchange information using a common software standard.

•Through telephone lines, satellite links and the other data cables the networks and the computers on the Internet are connected together.


•The Internet’s basic job is to organize and share information between computers, regardless of the …..

– Location

– Computer

– Information

– Transmission

– Software



People Use the Internet to :


• Publish information


Get information


 Buy things



Kinds of Information are Available


• Text documents

• Graphics files (digitized photographs and artwork)

• Sound and video files

• Downloadable software 



Internet Services


• Email

• Audio

• Video  

• User groups


• World Wide Web

• Conferencing

• Bulletin Boards

• Virtual Reality




Getting started

There are a few things you need before you begin your new adventure. And you won't be going anywhere without the right gear - the gadgetry that leads you on to the World Wide Web.


A Computer

Choose one that's right for you. Perhaps you won't need one with stacks of bundled accountancy software if you only want to do a bit of surfing I the evening. Of course, if you want to take information from the web, you will need one with a reasonable amount of memory (RAM). Get one with a minimum of 24 megabytes (internal memory) and 500 megabytes on the hard drive (for mass storage).


A modem

This is essential to link your PC to your telephone line. In effect, it translates the gobbledygook that comes down your phone line and turns it into what you see on your screen. Modems come in different speeds so the faster the better. Look out for one that says 56kbps as a minimum - and includes the software you need to get started.


A connection

To get connected most users will need a telephone line. Alternatively, you can pick a faster ISDN line, which is more expensive. Some cable and satellite providers also provide the service, but check with them to see what extra equipment you might need.