Internet and E-mail (English) 09 - සාමාන්‍යපෙළ තොරතුරු හා සන්නිවේදන තාක්ෂණය

Internet and E-mail (English) 09

Saving pictures or text from a Web page

As you view pages on the Web, you’ll find information that you'd like to save for future reference or share with other people. You can save the entire Web page or any part of it: text, graphics, or links. You can print Web pages for people who don’t have access to the Web or a computer.


To save a page or picture without opening it

Right-click the link for the item you want, and then click Save Target As.

To copy information from a Web page into a document

Select the information you want to copy, click the Edit menu, and then click Copy.

To create a desktop shortcut to the current page

Right-click in the page, and then click Create Shortcut.

To use a Web page image as desktop wallpaper

Right-click the image on the Web page, and then click Set as Wallpaper.

To send a Web page in e-mail

Click the File menu, point to Send, and then click Page By E-mail or Link By E-mail. Complete the mail message window, and then send the message. Note that you must have an e-mail account and an e-mail program set up on your computer.


Web Server – The computer system which has the necessary hardware and software to hold the web pages and to respond to the requests.



Getting on with it

So now you have all the tools to make surfing painless, you can get on with it. In fact, just think of a subject and you can bet it will be on the Internet somewhere. From obscure topics like advanced thermodynamics to the everyday stuff that rally matters such as,


Shopping: The high street has moved onto i-street. Most of your favorites stores have sites where you can browse through what's on offer and buy goods with your credit card. Soon, even going to the supermarket may be a thing of the past. They'll deliver your weekly shopping without you changing out of your slippers.


Music: Whether you want the latest on your favorites band or to listen to snippets of a new release, practically every label and group has a presence on the Web. Also buy CDs or download songs directly from sites such as and


Travel: You can book holidays online. Check out and before you check in.


News: Stay ahead of the pack with sites that can give you breaking, general, business and sports news. Click on to or Of course; these are just the tips of a very large iceberg, indeed. There's more information, gossip, entertainment and educational material out there to occupy your clicking finger for several lifetimes. So if in doubt, use your search-engine to help you cut to the chase and find what you want quickly.


You've got mail

Described as the post office of the future, electronic mail (e-mail) is mush quicker than sending a letter. Just compose a message on your PC, press 'send' and it is delivered almost instantly. You can even attach pictures and sound files with any text you send. Best of all, the service is free - just pay for the cost of a local call.


You'll need an e-mail account to get started. Most of the search engines provide these, but also try It's a truly global service, too. Forget to check your mail before flying out to India? Do it when you arrive.