Internet and E-mail (English) 10 - සාමාන්‍යපෙළ තොරතුරු හා සන්නිවේදන තාක්ෂණය

Internet and E-mail (English) 10


The simplest form of service obtainable from the Internet is E-mail (Electronic Mail). Also this the oldest service made available through Internet technology. In the world of computers E-mail was found even before the concept of Internet became popular. After the invent of Internet E-mail technology became the service available on the Internet.


E-mail is sending of letter using computers. The special feature in an E-mail service is its ability to instantly forward a letter typed in a computer to another computer available anywhere in the world.


Using the E-mail service you can exchange communication with friends, business partners or people having E-mail media in Sri Lanka or any country of this world. In comparison to other international systems E-mail stands out for transmission speed, accuracy of the message and low cost.


 Every Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides an opportunity for E-mail facilities. The E-mail service too, operates as the normal postal service. Internet service providers act as post offices in sending and receiving E-mail messages. The person who wants to send the message, first types the message in the computer and stores it. Then his computer will contact the ISP, through the "Modem". Within 1 contact his E-mail message will be sent, and the reply too, will be collected. The replies received as such will be stored in his computer and kept for viewing at a convenient time and also printouts of such replies can be obtained. When exchanging information, that needs to be exchanged, a confidential password can be used so, such information can only be handled only by the supplier and receiver of such information.


How E-mail are sent

E-mail can be introduced as the computerization of our customary postal service. Through the E-mail concept, what happens is as an exchange of messages via a normal telephone system. In addition to a telephone system, exchange of messages is done via computer systems. This electronic mail concept can be used to exchange information between computers. Because computers are connected to each other through the Internet, any person anywhere in the world can do the very same activity done through the telephone system, via a computer too. Further exchanging of information using a normal telephone can be done equally even using a computer. If both the person who sends the message, and the person who receives the message are connected to each other at the same time (online) both of them can interact with each other and exchange lively information. A message can be sent and the reply too can be obtained at the same time. A single message can be sent to not only to one person, as well as to any number of persons, is important. Using a normal telephone system though this cannot be done, an E-mail can be sent to any number of persons, living anywhere in the world at the same time, and even all the replies sent in return by the can be obtained. Even a copy of what you send can be sent to another person and the replies received can be forwarded for information of another person. Also, letters both sent and received can be filed and kept in a computer database. Even letters that are taken out of the mailbox can be reserved and protected for future use in E-mail.